California Institute for Rural Studies

Rural Justice Summit

Rural justice summit

Founding members who have been on this journey with us for seven years
Ancestors guiding this journey
Healers who held space for community
Caterers who fed us at the Summit
Our hosts
The land we occupy
Those who steward it
Plant people
Video and photo producers
DJ and MC

Everyone who came through the doors at the Rural Justice Summit this year… THANK YOU!!!! Our hearts are still dancing filled with joy and vibrant energy from seeing everyone together, again!! Stay tuned for more… Art by John Jairo Valencia

Photos and video courtesy of Photographer: Samuel Contreras

2021 Rural Justice Summit MC’s Michael Yamamura (left) and Miranda Hernandez (right) alongside Keynote Speaker Eugene Vange (middle). Artwork by Diana Morales:

Past Summits

2021 Rural Justice Summit flyer