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COVID-19 Farmworker Study


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The COVID-19 Farmworker Study (COFS) provides critical missing information on farmworkers’ abilities to protect themselves and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study brings together a collective of community-based organizations, researchers and advocates to reveal information that can only be gathered directly from farmworkers who have been working during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We use a variety of research tools, including phone-based quantitative surveys, focus groups and in-depth interviews, to bring the voices of farmworkers into the public conversation about how to respond to the pandemic. COFS is also a tool for funneling resources (in the form of study funds) to community-based organizations and to agricultural workers themselves.

The California Institute for Rural Studies (CIRS) team collaborated with artists, designers, community-based organizations working with agricultural workers, and conscientious researchers to produce this video infomercial about the story of the COVID-19 Farmworker Study or COFS.




If you have questions on this project, please email Idi Carlisle-Cummins, Executive Director of the California Institute for Rural Studies, at



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