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Seeds Of Change Episode 2

SEEDS OF CHANGE EPISODE 2 “To Free Ourselves We Must Feed Ourselves: The Hidden Legacy of the Black Panther Free Breakfast Program in California.”

In January 1969 a group of young visionaries at the forefront of the Black Power movement launched an innovative Free Breakfast Program for children in Oakland. In doing so, they didn’t just help shape public imagination about the possibilities of food aid. Discover how they also helped change the political will of the state and nation. (Photo Credit: Charles Bursey serving children at Panther breakfast program, St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, No. 135. Photo by Pirkle Jones. Courtesy of University of California, Santa Cruz. McHenry Library, Special Collections).

Seeds of Change Episode 2 features interviews from Dr. Analena Hope Hassberg (incoming Cal State LA Assoc. Prof.) and Billy X Jennings (Public Historian of the Black Panther Party). It was written and produced by Dr. Caroline Collins (Postdoctoral Fellow at UC San Diego and Cal Ag Roots Producer at the California Institute for Rural Studies) and edited by Li Schmidt (Associate Associate Storyteller and Researcher at the California Institute for Rural Studies).

This project was made possible with support from the 11th Hour Project at the Schmidt Family Foundation.

The episode’s title “To Free Ourselves We Must Feed Ourselves” is inspired by the words of activist farmer and author Leah Penniman. Learn more about Penniman’s work here:…eed-ourselves/.

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