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THE WELL Landback Conversation with Nicole Celaya

This in-depth conversation with Nicole Celaya, Co-Executive Director at FoodLink for Tulare County Inc. examines how ally organizations across the state can work to support Land Back efforts (Photo Credit: Original Artwork by Diana Morales, Courtesy Nicole Celaya).

The Well Landback Conversations include interviews with Dr. Brittani Orona (San Diego State University), Nicole Celaya (FoodLink for Tulare County Inc.), and Dr. Keolu Fox (UC San Diego). Its episodes were written and produced by Dr. Caroline Collins (Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Irvine, Affiliated Researcher at UC San Diego, and Cal Ag Roots Producer at the California Institute for Rural Studies) with production assistance and audio engineering by Li Schmidt (Associate Associate Storyteller and Researcher at the California Institute for Rural Studies).

This project was made possible with support from the 11th Hour Project at the Schmidt Family Foundation.

Music Credits for Episode 2: “Strange Persons” by Kicksta; “Petit Gennevilliers (Celesta)” by MagnusMoone; Tribe of Noise licensing information can be found here: Pixabay terms terms of service can be found here:

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