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THE WELL Honoring our Elders

For this episode of The Well, we asked our listeners to join us as co-producers by sharing personal stories of how they honor their elders or ancestors. We recorded five personal stories spanning different regions in the state, including our youngest ever Cal Ag Roots storyteller–Cal Ag Roots Podcast Producer Caroline Collins’ eleven-year-old son. This episode features stories from Alondra Santiago (Associate Researcher at the California Institute for Rural Studies), Myrna Martinez Nateras (Founding Program Director at the Pan Valley Institute), Aline Reed (Chairwoman of the Fresno Freedom School), Christian Collins (6th Grade Cal Ag Roots Listener), and Nakia Zavalla (Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and Cultural Director of the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians). “The Well Honoring our Elders,” was inspired by the season of spending time with our loved ones, past and present.

Image Source: Diana Morales

The Well Honoring our Elders episode was written and produced by Dr. Caroline Collins (Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Irvine, Affiliated Researcher at UC San Diego, and Cal Ag Roots Producer at the California Institute for Rural Studies) with production assistance and audio engineering by Li Schmidt (Associate Associate Storyteller and Researcher at the California Institute for Rural Studies).

This project was made possible with support from the 11th Hour Project at the Schmidt Family Foundation.

Music Credits for Episode 4: “Nunca” by Azucares; “Strange Persons” by Kicksta; “Na” by Silliba; “Ocean Air” by Aerian; “Forgotten Years” by Trevor Kowalski; “A Whisper in the Dark” by Gavin Luke; and “Suffer Well” by Gavin Luke. Tribe of Noise licensing information can be found here: Epidemic Sound licensing information can be found here:…music-license/

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