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An Ear to the Ground Episode 1

AN EAR TO THE GROUND EPISODE 1. Every five years, the National Young Farmers Coalition surveys young and Black, Indigenous, and people of color farmers, ranchers, and growers across the country to understand their brightest hopes and biggest challenges, and the policy solutions that will help them to be successful in their farming careers. In 2022, the National Young Farmers Coalition received over 10,000 responses from past, current, and aspiring farmers. This three part series shares some of their stories through a partnership between the National Young Farmers Coalition, its Land Advocacy Fellowship program, and the Cal Ag Roots Podcast.

This episode features audio op-eds from three Land Advocacy Fellows: Veronica Mazariegos-Anastassiou, a first generation Latina farmer in San Mateo County California; Stephanie Ortiz, a farmer and advocate in San Diego California’s north county; and TemuAsyr Martin Bey, an urban farmer, activist, and chef from Compton, California. Through their own individual stories, they explain the importance of the upcoming 2023 Farm Bill.

National Young Farmers Coalition 2023 Farm Bill Asks:

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This episode’s narration was written by Héktor Luis Calderon-Victoria (Farmer and California Farm Organizer for the National Young Farmers Coalition). Production assistance was provided by Dr. Caroline Collins (Cal Ag Roots Producer, California Institute for Rural Studies) and Li Schmidt (Associate Storyteller and Researcher, California Institute for Rural Studies). Audio engineering was provided by Li Schmidt, (Associate Storyteller and Researcher, California Institute for Rural Studies).

This series features audio op-eds from the following Land Advocacy Fellows: TemuAsyr Martin Bey, Veronica Mazeriegos-Anastassiou, Ali McMorrow, Lily Nauta, Stephanie Ortiz, Mayra Perez, Brooke Porter, and Jamie Sosa.

This project was made possible with support from the 11th Hour Project at the Schmidt Family Foundation. Music Credits for Episode 1: “Willow Wonder” by Guustavv, “Back in my Bag, Again” by Iso Indies, “Nunca” by Azucares, “Siempre Atento” by Cumbia Connection, “Feeeelings” by Guustsavv. Epidemic Sound licensing information can be found here:…music-license/. Credits music by Nangdo Tribe of Noise licensing information can be found here:

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